What does it contain?

  • Humate, Amino acids
  • Chlorophyll forming natural agents
  • Organic Carbon and organic Nitrogen
  • Organic micro minerals, vitamins and phyto hormones


  • Healthy foliar growth
  • Faster development and early maturity
  • Increases chlorophyll formation, better photosynthesis
  • Increases number of side branches and better canopy formation
  • Prevents plants from various common diseases due to imbalanced nutrients

Application method:

  • Mix 2 to 3ml of product per liter of water or 30-40 ml per 15 litre spray tank water and apply when crop is 15-20 days old. Repeat the application once again with same concentration after 15-20 days of first application of product. 
  • One acre of field application will consumed 250ml per application and one kit which contains 500ml will be applicable for 2 sprays.
  • If mixed with soil or other solid fertilizers, then 500ml of Product can be used at a time in 1 acre agricultural land.