MPGS INDIA AGROTECH’s “Calci On D+” is a unique blend of highly bioavailable and effective Calcium supplement for poultry birds. “Calci On D+” contains high quality injectable grade Calcium Gluconate along with Calcium lactate and Calcium citrate which can be absorb easily and helps to maintain Calcium level in blood. This product is fortified with Vit D3, Magnesium, Phosphate, Iron and other trace elements which improves performance of Poultry bird and improves bone mineral density which increase overall body weight and better egg shell density to reduce breakage during handling and transportation.


  • Contains Vitamin D3 which improves assimilation of Calcium in bone
  • Injectable grade Calcium gluconate used for better quality and purity
  • Iron present in “Calci On D+” helps build healthy blood
  • Improves strength of legs to improve activity
  • Decreases feather eating and reduce stress or chances of infection
  • Improves FCR and reduce feed cost
  • Improves growth rate and quick maturity
  • Improves hatch ability to increase egg production
  • Prevents from rickets, osteomalacia, anaemia, cannibalism etc.

Each 20 ml of “Calci On D+” contains

Calcium gluconate 1200 mg
Calcium lactate 800 mg
Calcium citrate 200 mg
Vitamin D3 6400 IU
Ferrous ascorbate 330 mg
Sodium acid phosphate 440 mg
Manganese sulphate 28 mg
Zinc sulphate 92 mg
Copper sulphate 12 mg
Aqua base Q.S.

DIRECTION FOR USE (per 100 birds)

Chicks/Broilers: 20 ml in 5 litre drinking water
Grower: 50 ml in 5 litre drinking water
Layers: 100 ml in 5 litre drinking water

or as recommended by Veterinarian or Nutritionist